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Air Quality Influences Well-Being and Productivity

The perception of naturally fresh air is a prerequisite for an individual's feeling of well-being.
Air and its constituent olfactory-components have a direct influence on people's senses. According to scientific research, sensory perception of the environment is driven by exposure to olfactory stimuli. These stimuli determine whether individuals feel well in their surroundings. Any attempt to target people's senses must therefore start with the quality of the air they breathe.

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DVK was founded in 1988. The company develops and markets olfactory air conditioning systems which are employed in buildings. DVK also consults investors, owners, engineering consultants and HVAC firms on how introduction of olfactory substances to the air creates a perception of NATURALLY FRESH indoor air (IAQ) and thus enhances the well-being of a buildings occupants. Since 1997 DVK has worked in co-operation with the Landis & Staefa now Siemens Building Technologies.


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