AVS air vitalizing system®

System Leader in the Field of Olfactory Enhancement of Indoor Air (OEIA)



AVS air vitalizing system ®

DVK air vitalizing system has developed the (patented) AVS air vitalizing system® and has taken the lead in the application of aroma sciences to air ventilation systems in Europe. It is targeted to combine the thermal with the olfactory comfort in occupied spaces.

Diotimat in operationDIOTIMA® NATURAL OLFACTORY SUBSTANCES (NOS) were developed to revitalize the air, based on findings from wide-ranging research into effects of natural essences by scientific institutions such as University of Cincinnati, IFF Research Center, New Jersey, Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia; Technical University of Denmark.

The DIOTIMA® NOS emitted by the AVS air vitalizing system®:
-  create a fresh and natural perception of indoor air;
-  improve the indoor air quality;
-  exert a positive influence on people' s moods;
-  raise the individual's sense of well-being;
-  create an unmistakable Corporate Identity;

-  increase productivity;
-  reduce absenteeism;
-  add value to the building through enhanced IAQ Indoor Air Quality.

It is well-known that acoustic and optical stimuli affect people via their senses. The strongest effect however comes from the stimulation of the olfactory organ, which directly influences an individual's emotional life. With the help of a newly developed microprocessor controlled system it is now possible to achieve a constant dispersion of a barely discernible fragrance in the air. A low dosage is sufficient to be highly effective and to positively affect people's moods.

The AVS air vitalizing system® is the crucial step towards a higher standard of indoor air quality resulting in the enhancement of customers' well-being and employees' productivity and motivation, reducing conditional on building related symptom's the rate of absenteeism. It is therefore an important component of any forward-looking business strategy.


Diotimat A33DIOTIMA® NOS are natural hypoallergenic mood olfactory substances which unite the scents diffused by biotopic flora.

DIOTIMA® NOS are all natural compositions which have been created together with IFF (International Flavor &Fragrances). In contrast to other well known implications such as air freshners they are targeted to revitalize the indoor air for a perception of naturally fresh air according to the specific desired character-traits of the room or space.

originate from roots, herbs, flowers, lichens, trees, or fruit and mimic the interplay of olfaction in nature. The effectiveness of up to one hundred basic olfactory-elements have been well documented in the field of aroma-sciences. Unlike air freshner, they affect people according to their characteristics at a perithreshold level. Furthermore, their harmonizing character makes them agreeable in the presence of other olfactory stimuli.

DIOTIMA® NOS conform to the standards required by air ventilation systems. Each substance is IFRA certified, according to CA Prop 65, CA OEHHA and MAK List and dosages are applied accordingly. They can be divided into three major types:
-  Activation;
-  Concentration;
-  Relaxation.

Expo 2000 BertelsmannThe use of olfactory subgroups allows DIOTIMA® NOS to be individually tailored according to specific business targets, e.g., for use in:
-  Office spaces;
-  Shopping centers;
-  Individual retail shops;
-  Hotels;
-  Amusement parks;
-  Hospitals & care Centers;
-  Transport.

Vitalisierung der Raumluft im Bertelsmann Pavillon, Expo 2000, Hannover (pdf download in German - 945kb)





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