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The AVS air vitalizing systemThe AVS air vitalizing system® is designed as a technologically advanced add-on unit to existing air ventilation systems.

The olfactory concentration is electronically controlled through the use of various air and olfactory controlling systems.

The microprocessor driven units ( DDC-Management DESIGO PX - Siemens Buildings Technologies, Visonik and other systems) are individually programmable to function during opening or work hours and are adaptable to building management control systems.

The units are very easy to handle and require very little servicing - basic maintenance and NOS refills at intervals of between six months and one year (depending on configuration of the unit).


General Technical Description
Patent-Nr: 4011514

Diotimat in operationThe DIOTIMAT AD 33/50 is a core component of the AVS air vitalizing system®. It is based on a microprocessor-controlled olfactory evaporation system which can be attached to any existing ventilation or air-conditioning unit.

This patented approach is a process for enriching ventilating or air-conditioning air with DIOTIMA® natural olfactory substances (NOS), wherein a mixture of water and NOS is prepared and stored in a container which has a free evaporation surface for that mixture. A substream of the ventilating or air-conditioning air is conveyed over the free evaporation surface and then fed into the ventilating or air-conditioning air stream.

The DIOTIMAT® AD 33/50 is attached to the ventilating or air-conditioning system after the air handling unit (filters, air washers, etc.) but preferably before the ventilator.

The concentration of NOS in the ventilating or air-conditioning air is controlled by the Direct Digital Control Management System DESIGO PX - Siemens Building Technologies- using software developed specifically for this purpose. In addition, the system is supported by air-flow control devices, dosage pumps, and heating devices.

The advanced control technology is modular in design. An accurate and consistent dosage of NOS is achieved by adjusting for parameters such as temperature, humidity and the ratio of outdoor / circulating air as well as by synchronizing individually programmable operating times with business hours. The control mechanism also receives and takes account of commands regulating the ventilating or air-conditioning system. The control mechanism is physically separate from the DIOTIMAT AD 33/50 and may be installed separately or alongside the general control mechanisms for the ventilating or air-conditioning system. Options include remote access (monitoring and control capabilities) on-site graphical display and system management as well as full integration with existing control systems.

Patented technologyThe standard model allows for up to three different NOS to be employed for desired periods of time. Upgrades are available for the standard model.

The deployment of the components is adapted to individual characteristics of the ventilation or air-conditioning systems in place and to the air volume of those systems.

The variable dosage takes a number of factors into account in order to guarantee a constant and uniform concentration of NOS at a very low level in the indoor spaces. In particular, the dosage is adjusted according to temperature and the ratio of outdoor/circulating air as well as the rate of air change.

Sensors provide a continuous monitoring of levels of the evaporating liquid as well as of the system itself.

All technical components (except the control mechanism) are enclosed in a smooth, hygienic, and corrosion/wear-resistant plastic container with service access. This self-cleansing apparatus operates automatically and requires no physical user-intervention. The replacement of the olfactory substances occurs during the twice yearly maintenance.

This document is for information purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

Technical Specifications

air volume:

1.000 - 150.000 m3 / h

max. power consumption:

1.6 - 3,5 kW

water consumption:

10 - 60 l / cycle

water connection:

water feed: 1/2" plastic tube tapping 16 mm

water outlet: tube diameter 50mm PVC

duct connection:

100 mm - 315 mm

power supply:

220 - 240 V / 50 Hz

Euronorm DIN and VDE


1080 x 580 x 700 mm

ca. 30 liters water


ca 40 - 90 kg incl. water

The above specifications are only indicative and vary according to location specific considerations. Larger air volumes can also be handled by the system.





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