AVS air vitalizing system®

System Leader in the Field of Olfactory Enhancement of Indoor Air (OEIA)


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Please contact us for further information:

Diotima von Kempski, Managing Partner
Düsseldorf,  Germany

Tel: (+49) 211 13 33 99   Fax: (+49) 211 32 09 38   E-mail: dvkempski@dvk.net

A. Lis
New York,  NY 10010,  United States of America
Tel: (917) 496 8888   E-mail: infoUSA@dvk.net


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Please contact us for further information:
Düsseldorf, Germany
Tel: (+49) 211- 13 33 99   Fax: (+49) 211- 32 09 38  E-mail: info@dvk.net

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